sexta-feira, 27 de novembro de 2015

Psychedelic La Ursa*– Performance

Psychedelic La Ursa*– Performance

Sound art interactive urban performance in Berlin.

By using mobile amplifier developed with artkos technology, portable microphone, compact pedal Big Muff and Fender Squier Guitar, The Psychedelic La Ursa captures energy and sound frequencies from solar flares and Ursa Major. This energy caught by the mask-antenna resonates directly into the blood stream of the performer, leading to a state of altered consciousness. Quickly, it starts muscle and bone metabolism, creating involuntary movements that result in spontaneous musical structures, following the indications of Stellar Seismology scores, in the electromagnetic waves of celestial bodies, translated to human coding in a new art form and interaction. Imbued for this primary feeling of nature and its connection with the playful, urban space and love, It is inevitable the empathy of the Psychedelic La Ursa (La Ursa Psicodélica) with the children universe!*

**Footnote: Carnival character, also called La Ursa. A Bear dressed as a man; leaded by a trainer, accompanied by rustic musical ensemble. By dancing and bowing on the doors of the houses, the bear asks for money and scares children.

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