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During The Neolithic Expansion in Ancient Europe, a large population of bears seeked refuge in the Boreal Regions of the North Pole. The arrival of the Neanderthals hominids advanced through the cold forests, running from the Mediterranean's first global warming of this new era. The ancient Africa used to burn in natural flames, related to the cyclical process of Burnings that would come to renew the soil. At that time, the animals and plants used to speak!

Gathered in assembly and forecasting the imminent catastrophe to their population, the wild bunch of Arktos bears had decided not to take refuge in cold areas because it would be an even greater ambush. Armed with his great claws and a throaty vocalization, which in chorus could shake the ground for several kilometers, the gang decided to face the hominid breakthrough by using nocturnal onslaughts against the recently established small villages in the Bavarian region.

These villages of hominids Neanderthals had already acquired the technology of proto-agriculture, selective irrigation and handling of wooden-carved musical instruments. The War wasn’t very usual among villages, despite the ethnic diversity registered by modern age excavations. The developed pottery from coal and the extracted clay from The Pyrenees had turned the meat-based cuisine handcraft of small animals into a need to supply the low amount of vegetables in the frozen lands.

First Attacks

Guided by the Great Bear (Ursa Major) constellation (a Goddess at the Minoan age), the wild bunch of bears started the invasion. Through scary moans and groans, the creatures advanced, surrounding the villages, bringing the huts down by shaking their fragile structures with low sound frequencies, extinguishing the fires and causing distress in villagers through psychoacoustics. After psychologically terrifying the villagers, the massacre came along. The Arktos claws, which were sharpened on rocks, had ripped and slashed men, women and children, who later were served as a feast to the gang.

The bears developed the further improvement of primary musical instruments, taking hold of the Neolithic culture of hominids, which helped them to discover new acoustic phenomena for the attacks in the middle Europe. Along with technological development, it was seen that it was possible to breed human slaves, creating circuses to those who the bears used to extract the skin and hair of the dead slaves to dress up like humans.

The domestication of wild hominids that Arktos gang tamed and trained in order to perform acrobatics and juggling, besides lethal acts, such as forced-swallowing and fire-spitting to each other’s face, used to leave the “circus” more charming. Some of those hominids were able to escape and arrived as refugees to the lands nearby the Central Europe’s lakes, founding the Nordic Germanic tribes.

Such a crude instinct growth in the Artkos society brought forth dissatisfaction with the Great Bear.
The Great Bear who had been forgotten in the spiritual guidance rules of this new rotten society due to their wanton cruelty, feeling betrayed, changed its stellar configuration, by which it is known until nowadays. The constellation shape shifting was useful to show the way to Germanic Barbarians outbreak, which on the trail managed to steal the star maps left by the Arktos. Throughout tireless detailed study and mastery of astrology, they developed constellations readings and interpretations while watching the Great Bear changes, which now signalized the sudden doom of Arktos’ society.

Around the year 666 B.C, the unavoidable and bloodthirsty battle between Arktos bears and the new hominids aggressors began. In possession of psychoactive plants, the barbarians set up an scheme to grog the Arktos guard with an infusion of mixed plants, bearing mass hallucinations and a never-seen trance. Bewildered by the effects of uncontrolled and overpowered natural psychedelics, the Bears started a self-massacre process. The Germanic barbarians didn’t have to draw their swords to defeat their enemy, whom while looking at the Great Bear didn’t notice its renewed configuration and meanwhile totally puzzled by drugs, loose themselves to deadly despair.


In charge of unfitness to their new reality, some young bears, that had taken shelter far away from the villages, could witness the barbaric strategy and as means of self-defense, lowered the infusions of the doses creating a reconnection with the stars and a spiritual reconfiguration with the Arktos primary nature. Being afraid of a bloody incursion from his contemporaries and the barbarians, they migrated in small groups to the lands adjoining the Mediterranean, more exactly what we currently know as Italy.

Hidden in groves they were, now, an easy target to Chinese gunpowder, which flourished in the Iberian world.

The imminent danger of death caused discord among runaway Arktos, weakening the resistance and leaving as the only way out their domestication and therefore training for entertainment at gypsy circuses. It is just in this medieval era that European immigration to the West Indies began. Despite their strength, the Bears had no resistance on the ships departed to the New World. The high spending on useless maintenance of the animal (just one specimen managed to get alive at the time of the Captaincies) and the risk of rage due to depression and sickness in the holds of the vessels was the main reason to the Navy suspended transport. Later, other bears were found in north of the New World, where creature’s mass extinction techniques were developed by the new settlers as a tactic to undermine the food reserves of the indigenous natives. 

Photos: Moacyr Campelo
Traduzido por Guto Conde

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