quinta-feira, 30 de julho de 2015

The Process: IN THE SKIN (The Bulgarian Doom) - Tsvetana e Tulio Falcão

This s the end of my musical experiences here in Berlin!


The fisrt time that i heard this song, Tsvetana was playing in an acustic guitar in the park near her house!
It was like something strong, the riff, the lyrics and the melancolic way she`s singing. I watched days ago a video of her project called Bernard Handsome,
and i really really like it!! And after we finished the first song, i invited her to record her new composition!
It will be a challenge! and she accepted!!

We recorded the voices in her house!

I was really confused what to do with this music. The deal with Tsvetana is that it could be destroyed to create a new atmosphere, but not a pop song!
And i was in a emocional hangover! "Why i can´t stay here in Berlin? Why i must to come back to Hellcife?"
I was thinking in things like this and it was a very bad kind of energy to create something good for this song. Then, i invite Tulio Falcão!
A friend that plays with me in several bands and have a real conection with the dark harmonies and heavy stuffs!
I send to him only the main voices of Tsvetana, and then he could do what he want it. He made some eletronic interferences!
What a fucking surprise!!
After 2 days tryng to quiet my head, and have nice time with other bulgarians, i started to record some guitars but it was no sounding good yet!
I still blocked.
Then i try to use some objects to create the atmosphere in this sound.

I used little Metal ball, that i put inside a saucepan.

and some little metal pieces in a plastic bag.
At the end, i put the microphone inside of this bag and is that you hear in a strong bass part.

It was really a nice experience!
Thanks Tsvetana and Tulio Falcão!


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